Sunday, December 10, 2006

Speak to Riaan Grobbelaar

Riaan sells wheels

Riaan sells a lot of deals

Riaan is the best

Thanks Riaan!

Tiger Wheel and Tyre Westgate Mall

Riaan Grobbelaar, One of Tiger Wheel and Tyre's best ever salesmen, was just appointed as manager of the Tiger Wheel and Tyre Westgate Mall branch!

Ask for Riaan Grobbelaar 0117681420

The other day I bought tyres from him. Not only did he supply me with fast and friendly service, he also supplied me with the set of tyres best suited for my car and driving conditions at the best price in town!

Today we had a flat tyre and he fixed it for us in a jiffy!

So save yourself the trouble – ask for Riaan At Tiger Wheel and Tyre Westgate Mall
The telephone number is: 0117681420

And prepare to be treated like a king and save money at the same time.

I want to thank Riaan from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful service he gave me.

Thanks Very Much Riaan!